Monday, 14 January 2019

Gr 4 Class Dojo

Hello Gr 4 Parents,

After months of being interrupted every 5 secs while trying to teach the gr 4's, I have had to unfortunately set up a Class Dojo for them. It is not something I want to use nor will enjoy using, but it is a necessary thing at this point in the year to try and lessen the negative behaviours.

Students will be bringing home a letter for you so you can monitor their wise and not so wise choices in class that are not only affecting their learning, but their classmates as well.

I'm sure you are not looking forward to another thing you will  need to check and be aware of. I am not looking forward to wasting time in class doing this. For the time being, only negative points will be recorded so if you are not seeing anything coming from your child, then this is good news because they are doing exactly what they are suppose to be doing.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Grade 5 Math

Curious as to what the 5's are up to with their Living Space project? 

We've been tuning our Micro:bit coding skills in order to set up our big code for data collection. We will be coding our class sensor to measure the temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels in our portable. We will then measure the same levels in the school to compare our results. Here is the sequence we will be coding. We will also be running some calibration experiments to make sure our sensor is accurate.

This data will be more than just a curiosity for us as we will be using it as we move into data management at the end of the week.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break! Thank you for your thoughtful gifts and cards.

There will be a short test for both grades sometime next mid week.

Gr 4 - measurement and time
Gr 5 - measurement, time, and temperature

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Christmas Concert

Friday is Christmas Concert Day.

Primary show 9:30

Junior show 10:50

The grade 5`s are the 5th act and grade 4`s are the 8th act.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Math for Both Grades

In math -

Grade 4's are exploring measurement. They have been estimating and measuring in cm, mm, and m.
A great learning opportunity at home is to allow them to explore the house and measure various items. They are building up their references in order to estimate measurements for the times when they don't have a measuring tool with them.

They have also been exploring km and metres to determine distance. When driving, help them see how far a km is and compare it to 5 kms so they can see the difference.

Holiday baking is a great time to have them help you by measuring ingredients.

Measurement is a fun and easy math unit to do at home with them!

Today they started measuring time using analog clocks. Again, ask them to tell you the time and work with them to determine elapsed time.

Grade 5's have been exploring temperature. They have been reading thermometers and we even coded the Microbits to record temperature.

Please bring in a clear glass bottle so that we can make our own thermometers.

Today, the 5's starting measuring time up to the second.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Grade 5 Work Due

Grade 5's should be finished their book club reading, work, and mini project if they were assigned one (Hana's Suitcase group), and their breakouts based on their book.

All this needs to be wrapped up before the Xmas break. There is now limited class time because we are preparing for the Christmas concert.

Grade 4 Powtoon Due

The grade 4's have been working on making Powtoon presentations on a medieval occupation for a few weeks now.  Many are done and we are waiting on the rest to finish so we can start the presentations.

Please check with your grade 4 that it is done. It is due on Friday.