Sunday, 11 November 2018

November Dates

November 14th  Parent Information Night

6-7 pm Social Emotional Learning
7-8 pm Tech Help

November 15th- School Council Raffle

November 16th - PD Day

November 19-23 - Bully Awareness Week

November 24th - St Anne Bazaar

November 29th - Photo Re-take Day

Math Page Updates

Both grades have been updated as to what we are doing in math. Patterns. We are half way through the unit.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Grade 5 Book Club

Grade 5's have started Book Club. They examined the following books and decided on their own which book they would like to read. As you can see, there is a theme to our first book club selections and it's a heavy theme. The class have been designing digital breakouts (online escape rooms) which focused on WWl and WWll and we have kept the theme going as we approach Remembrance Day. A lot of prepping them for the content has been provided along with a warning that the content might bring out emotions and feelings that they are unsure of. The Boy in The Stripped Pajamas is the most emotional book of the selections. This book has been in Book Club for grade 5's for the last few years and I'm aware of it's content and the effect it can have. This Book Club is more teacher guided and I have more of a presence in the groups than with other selections that are more small group student guided. 

Please check with your grade 5 and ask which book they are reading. I have included a link for each one for you to become familiar with their book. It is that time of year when students are reading or having books read to them in other classes with similar content and sometimes that content is misunderstood and talked about on the yard. It's important that your child is familiar with the historical truths and be cognizant that we have St Anne families whose ancestors are survivors or have come from modern day war torn countries.                                                                                  

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Parent Info Session

If you can’t make it to interview night, click the link to register.

Student Photos

Grade 5's received their student photos today. They will be bringing them home for you to see. A reminder that photo retakes are November 29th.  Make sure you read the deadlines on the form.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Very 1st Gr 4 Math Tests

Sometime during the move(s) to the portable, the grade 4 place value tests were misplaced by a helpful student. They have since been located and corrections that needed to be made have been made. Those tests are coming home on Tuesday with those who didn't get them back originally.

Sorry for the delay. It was a hectic 2 months waiting for our portable and moving in.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Math Tests

Math tests from both grades have been given back and should be brought home in their assessment folders.

If your child does not bring one home today, it's probably because they haven't finished it or had to redo some questions. It will be coming home once they work out the last few questions.

We have spent some extra time working on the more challenging multi step word problems together. Sometimes they need a few more pieces given to them to help solve them.